Reviews for "Family Farm"


they could put 30 minutes of this on one night and I bet the average family guy viewer would only love the show more... FAMILY GUY IS FOR IMBRED IDIOTS WHO LAUGH AT BAD JOKES.


good job on the voic...sounds
but uhhh why was there a sloth in the country


honestly i didnt think it was that funny. the art work was good and the voices were pretty spot on but i think you could have done more with it. im just waiting for people to hate on this reveiw because i didnt give it a high school. Keep working on it though!

peter fits perfectly lol

good job on the voices, they really did sound like the cast members of family guy, not to mention they matched perfectly with the animals...honestly i thought it was going to be like a family guy as a farm working family, really got me there keep it up dude

what animal was

Quagmire supposed to be?