Reviews for "Family Farm"

Well observed, m'lad

Awesome, I never would have figured it out myself! Also, good imitations. Perahps more characters would have made this a bit more worthwhile though?

Nice parody

I liked your job on the voices, you sound just like them hehe, maybe try saying some words next time?


This was really funny. You did the voices really well. Awesome work :D

LuLz, Quagmire sounds like Popeye.

Made me smile, voices was pretty good besides Quagmire sounding like Popeye but that made it funnier in my eyes. Ive watched it a few times (it is short tho) but not bad.


the quality is fine, but, WHATISTHISSUPPOSEDTOBE???!?!?!?!!1??!
hoaaaaahh... it's family guy, farmish, but loisis dad is a f*****king mountain goat, it has NOTHING to do with farms.