Reviews for "I Said NO"

awww, Jessi is cute.

id take her to Disneyland :D haha, this was pretty funny. it made me lol.

its fun

yes.... yes it is. mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm

LovelyKouga responds:

Mmmmm! XD
Did you listen after the credits? More pervy good-ness!

funny and great animation with this characters and everything is epic and great work from the pedo from fam guy

and i like the girl with big eyes plleeaaaz

lol great work

Is it just me?

Or does Riley look like Sephiroth but with shorter hair and cat-ears?
I couldn't help but laugh at Herbert the Pervert. THAT... was funny...

LovelyKouga responds:

Sephiroth?! Seriously?! XD
I only hope Riley would ever be as badass...the only similarity I see is white hair...

what its worth

As one Anime obsessed person to you obsessed or not I LOVED IT I have a friend almost just like that it's so cute!!