Reviews for "I Said NO"

Love it! X3

It's great how the story unfolds in an unexpected way, like the redbull thing, I totally didn't see that one coming! xD

The animation, voiceacting and characters were flawless! xP

f*#&ing fantastic

I literally choked on my on tongue laughing at the first bit.

Also, your i wouldn't replace your voice for Jessi, just too damn good.
I look forward to seeing new stuff soon.

omfg >_<!

loved that it made me LOL irl.
the graphics were nice and i LOVED the end xD

heh funny.

i liked the cameo appearance on herbert. i nearly lost it when she said I'll make it worth your while and that song starts playing in the background (does this mean im a pervert? *gets worried*). anyways it was funny.


that was one of thebest animations ive seen in a long time eh the jokes wernt to funny but the art and animation jawdropping plus jessi is hot