Reviews for "I Said NO"

Really good!

Funny, good acting, animation, but id invest in some better mics to make this really professional! The ones you have a fairly grainy.

LovelyKouga responds:

I will, I hate to ask but would you...perhaps know of any good ones? (Brands, places to get them etc.)
If you don't I guess I'll just wing it and shop around, haha!

Decently amusing

One of the things I think is key is for there to be background music for the voices to fit into. The voice acting for Jessi needs improvement, but some of the audio quality can be glossed over with some light music.

LovelyKouga responds:

Oh right, I did consider finding some music but I'm a bit iffy when it comes to music...perhaps I should ask someone to help me with sound-based things. :)

Love it

It wasn't too long, the voices was good and clear, you are skilled at animations as well as drawing and you seems like having a good sense of humor.
The redbull gag and the credits cracked me up... really love the expression of Jessi's face when she gave the iPod to Riley.
Keep up the good work ^^

btw, if you got the time, effort and will... be sure to make more short/long flashes and arts if you'd like ;p


Love the Family Guy cut in. Classic

red bull

aww i thought she was gonna destroy the house when she got the red bull oh well the rest was still funny as hell

LovelyKouga responds:

Haha good, because that's what I was tying to lead you to believe...kind of an anti-climax joke.