Reviews for "I Said NO"

good animation

but i must say the audio needs a bit fixing in the future. sounded as if you used a headset

LovelyKouga responds:

I know that, I addressed it in the artist comment.

More then impressive

Anime wise, I do have to say, it was more then pleasing to the eyes, visually, and flash animation wise, almost everything flowed quite nicely, very good work I do have to say, best in the world? Well, what is considered the 'best' anyway? You though, very nice, approved.

The sounding and videos were very nice, music was synchronized in on time and voices were pretty clear, I was a bit put off, almost, though you mentioned that in your review, so I can't dock you there for not having proper tech. Sound wise, another good pass.

Comedy is an art that few possess, and from what I saw here, you show great promise, but I do have to admit, some of the jokes were cliche, leading me into an eye roll, then again, some of them were pretty randomly added, like adding Herbert there, in the scene of the ipod, I was beginning to lose interest while listening, because I knew where it was heading, not being a perv, just knew where it was going, then throwing in Herbert, was a random act of darn nice comedy, sowing in randomness, and at the same time, a culture reference, got me back to watching the rest to say the least.

Effort involved, I do have to say, I see a lot of effort put into this flash, I grade an 8/10 (Like it ever matters. :p) because I enjoyed the flash, it was short, funny, and very pleasing to watch, the 1 point of docking was for the cliche jokes, I normally would go 2, however it went back and forth between cliche, and quite funny.
A good job you've done with 'all' of your flashes, showing more then just improvement with each and everyone, I do look forward to seeing another flash animation, if you still continue to make them here. ^^

LovelyKouga responds:

Thank you very much for the honest review!
As far as the drawings go, for my next flash I promise they will be better...I honestly look at this flash now and go 'oh my god...' I'll have a lot more frame-by-frame animation next time around, because I got admittedly a little lazy with this one due to time restraints. (But it was just taking SO LONG...anyway, haha!)

Haha, EVERYONE likes Herbert! XD


Cheesy, but hilarious!!!!


voice acting was a little cheesy and it was overall just cute. but the animation was solid and for what it was it was good. i hope to see what your art progresses into.


Let me just say your art is great, im not a big anime fan, but you delivered it right, along with pretty precise mouth movements.

HOWEVER, the voice acting was cheesy, the jokes were tacky and really unoriginal, and i dont see you as a flash artist on newgrounds, i see you as an artist on deviantart. The herbert reference was really stupid and i cant say i thought it was funny. The concept was really bad and if the whole flash was the first 2 minutes i would unbelievably hate it.

I cant really speak for the whole NG community when i say this, but that "iPod" part was very bad, not funny, and it was extremely obvious she wasn't having sex with him.

The part that dropped the rating i was going to give (7) to a 5 is the "PULEEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE" part of it. The "kitty eyes" some stupid kid mentioned below me. that part angered me. it just was completely pointless and bugged the crap out of me.

It was VERY tacky, please make your flashes more CARTOON like rather then anime.

LovelyKouga responds:

More cartoon?
Honey, I'm not changing my style, okay? Not for you, not for anyone. My style is a blend of both; I prefer to use cartoony lipsyncing as opposed to the 'mouth-flaps' of anime.
The sparkly eyes...have you never seen Spongebob? He does that ALL THE TIME.
If you don't like anime, I gave fair warning in the description - it was the very first thing i mentioned. All you're doing is looking a little foolish mentioning that it's anime and you don't like it. XD