Reviews for "I Said NO"

That was epic

THat was great! I had the wrong idea at first when Jessi said, "I'll make it worth your while" And then Riley got all Ohhh.... Haha this was an epically funny video!

I remember

seeing this on the front page, but I didn't watch it. Now it came up in a search for a completely different flash and I thought, "Why not?" It was good, mate, no lie. I got a few chuckles, and that's all that counts.

This was good!

The animation looked great, it was funny, and the voices are perfect!
I totally laughed at the red bull part!


no doubt, this is funny...as far as the script and bare-bones writing go.
you, or who ever wrote this is, dont get me wrong a very good comedic writer.

BUT. for some reason i didn't even smirk at any of this...and i just dont know why.
in my personal opinion you should have spent more time editing this, because it's just...almost...there...but not quite. im really sorry i cant give this a higher score, but i cant. personal politics and such

in short...
sense of humor-very very nice
timing, voice acting,art direction, and pretty much every thing else-could still use some work.

so close....pity

so cute...

god, why can't i stop watching this?
could it be the furries, or the cute/funny jessi?

love it, too bad you're no longer active on newgrunds :(

LovelyKouga responds:


Um, I'm not inactive...I've been submitting a lot of art lately. Do you mean with submitting flash animations? Because those take a lot of time. XD;