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Reviews for "Star Relic"

I love this game. That's all there is to it.

This is the best turn-based strategy game I've played in my life. I was very entertained by Klosian dialogue throughout story mode. To the point where I was just intentionally clicking on my Ion Core to hear it say "ILLUMINATING".

I like this a lot.

Amazing Turn Based RTS

This game was thoroughly entertaining. The graphics were cute. So were the sound effects. The strategy took a little time to learn, but it was certainly worth it. The Sodinar are the hardest race to play, but they have amazing powers. The Klosian campaign seemed a little easy. I would like to suggest adding "easy", "medium" and "hard" mode.
Also, I think if you could create a scenario or level editor, you would have satisfy many people.

good game, good concepts, Fun all around

I had no problems. I played all 3 stories. The only complaint I had was the AI did not do some things I thought they should, but do they ever?

Great game. Hope to see more!

great game

or atleast untill the map dont fully rotate and it freezes. if you could fix this problem it would be one of the best internet games

What a fascinating game!

I have to admit that, though this game has very simple rules, it can be quite challenging at times. On top of that, the various units add some very interesting twists to an already interesting experience.

For example, the missile frigate's ability to shoot around corners proved to be a unique advantage when playing as a Human, and the fact that the Klosian ion cannon can literally shoot all the way across the board forced me to keep my eyes open for possibilities. Also, the first time a ring of the board failed to rotate when playing against the Sodinar, my jaw almost dropped! (It was especially annoying because it left a repair platform fixed in place next to the Sodinar warp gate.)

I considered dropping my rating to 4.5 stars for the buggy AI, but then I figured that if the AI was always so smart, it would be a much more difficult game.