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Reviews for "Star Relic"

good game, good concepts, Fun all around

I had no problems. I played all 3 stories. The only complaint I had was the AI did not do some things I thought they should, but do they ever?

Great game. Hope to see more!

A good game

I kinda like it

faved it

but too many bugs, like really
i tried level 4 for the fifth time now
and i can't select my army anymore after a couple of turns
please fix this cause this game has great potential

Easy AI

I'm sorry if I missed a difficulty option, but the AI's were playing the game as complete retards. They just moved and shot. They didn't think any longer than that An example would be when I'm on the opposite side of an astriod, and they have one of those lightning things. THEY DON'T ATTACK!!!

PLEASE learn your AI how to play the game.

Except from that the game is good. 7~ (I did not encounter any bugs though. Well, okay, a single one that didn't matter, where the ships graphics momentarily were out of the picture, but when I moved the ship, the bug disappeared)

great idea

has a nice concept, i've never played a game with rotating fields.
was a lot fun, until i encountered the same bug as UndeadMeat. it was a few levels later and under different circumstances. my portal hasn't been attacked but i lost 2 big ships in 1 turn.
no one had a turn, so the game stuck
else it would have been 10/10.

(sry for bad english)