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Reviews for "Star Relic"

What a fascinating game!

I have to admit that, though this game has very simple rules, it can be quite challenging at times. On top of that, the various units add some very interesting twists to an already interesting experience.

For example, the missile frigate's ability to shoot around corners proved to be a unique advantage when playing as a Human, and the fact that the Klosian ion cannon can literally shoot all the way across the board forced me to keep my eyes open for possibilities. Also, the first time a ring of the board failed to rotate when playing against the Sodinar, my jaw almost dropped! (It was especially annoying because it left a repair platform fixed in place next to the Sodinar warp gate.)

I considered dropping my rating to 4.5 stars for the buggy AI, but then I figured that if the AI was always so smart, it would be a much more difficult game.

great game

or atleast untill the map dont fully rotate and it freezes. if you could fix this problem it would be one of the best internet games

Unique, fun gameplay, with a few minor drawbacks.

I really enjoyed the gameplay in this game. It was strategic while not being overly complex, and the different races were good for variety, and appeared to be pretty well balanced as far as I could tell. The music was pretty good for ambiance but doesn't really stick out. The voice-overs were of good quality, though a few were a bit irritating, namely the Klosian units which weren't really good when one repeatedly selects units, and the Missile Frigate (Ready? BOOM!) Visuals were good too. The story was a bit sparse however.

Now for some minor drawbacks - first off, the A.I. could use a bit of work. Enemy units would get in each other's way when they could more gracefully cooperate. The Klosian unit "Singularity" was never used by the A.I. in my experience, and just acted as expensive cannon fodder. And there was a small glitch affecting Logistics units, which would cause them to appear to be in a different grid, perhaps off the map entirely, though it is fixed when the unit is ordered to move.

Overall though, I have to say I enjoyed the game, and am looking forward to your future developments.

Surreal space odyssey

Pro voice overs and ethereal alien race dynamics perpetuate addictive, hypnotic, and intuitive (rather than starkly) strategic gameplay.

Very nice game


i like the game, and i played all missions. I would give 10 Points, if there wouldn't be the little bug:

I played the Sodinar in lvl 9, and i build a lot of starcores (the one, which stops the rotation). As i put one starcore on each row(that means no more rotation), the flash crashed, and i couldn't do anymore.

Hope this descriptions helps you to manage this bug.
But all in all its a fantastic games.

Indigon responds:

This was fixed in a version I just uploaded. Thanks for the heads up!