Reviews for "Vertex Shooter 2"

Brig on the next upgrade

The good:
2-BGM, SE, etc..
3-The visual are groovy

The bad:
1-The positioning of the shooting spheres
2-The lack of variety in the upgrades
3-Square? make at least an evil square.

Waiting for the next addiction!

kennypu responds:

I'm glad some people like the flashy graphics xD. If a lot of people liked this game at least a little, I will make a 3rd game with variety of enemies, better effects/backgrounds, and more power ups (I have an idea already). Thank you!!


Could've been a little more exciting though.

Nice Work

The idea for that game has been used before, but that doesnt mean it should be voted down, its still a great game. You missed out on that last star because of the lack of graphical art in the game, I think you should create better graphics for this game, maybe turn the triangle into an actual ship. This being said, it should still be given a high score for the actual game. Congratulations

Not bad

...but too easy. It would be better if you had multiple levels with increasing difficulty.

very cool

i like the clasic asteroids feel. very fun.