Reviews for "Vertex Shooter 2"


Could've been a little more exciting though.

Not bad.

Kept me entertained for a bit. Though it suddenly became really hard instantly after awhile having the difficulty switch near the end there come a bit slower might not be such a bad thing. But it was also way too easy at the beggining and middle of my game until randomly it went from 3 cubes on my screen to 30. I give it a 3/5 7/10

good start

It's a good start, and the music was good while not getting too old over time. I thought the small animation of the blocks being destroyed was cool looking, and I thought the changes in the background and music over time kept the game from getting too boring.

I would have liked to see a change in the enemies besides the slight color change, and also a little more refinement of the art, not by much, I mean, it's just a vertical shooter, but just shooting squares with a triangle was a little boring. Perhaps you could add ships that shot back, some variety of enemy. Also, you could have a few more power ups other than just adding more rays, like rapid fire or shotgun (spread fire) and the like. You could make the power ups less frequent, so it would be a relief to finally get more firepower.

Overall, it was good for your second flash game.

kennypu responds:

Thank you very much !! I couldn't get around doing more power ups, and enemies, however if you guys liked the game a lot, I will add those in the 3rd installment :]

Nice Try

It's a step in the right direction. I didn't like the fact there wasn't any health, lives, or difficulty settings. It doesn't bring anything new to the genre. If you can add something to make it fun, then you'd get a better score.

Brig on the next upgrade

The good:
2-BGM, SE, etc..
3-The visual are groovy

The bad:
1-The positioning of the shooting spheres
2-The lack of variety in the upgrades
3-Square? make at least an evil square.

Waiting for the next addiction!

kennypu responds:

I'm glad some people like the flashy graphics xD. If a lot of people liked this game at least a little, I will make a 3rd game with variety of enemies, better effects/backgrounds, and more power ups (I have an idea already). Thank you!!