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Reviews for "[KK] The Ugly Pokemon"

I approve of this

I concur. That was a very ugly Pokemon. The voice acting could have used some work though. It only shined in the word "Pokemon".

KittyKrew responds:

Sam is best

Vhrum Die Mowf Ov Dee ZirWolvay

I'm saying this Flash is good, I'm saying. Take mah vord vor it, I'm zaying!

KittyKrew responds:



so random it all makes sense! good job! how about a random yugioh parody next?

KittyKrew responds:



more kittyful genius!

KittyKrew responds:

thanks M8

Absolutely amazing.

This has to be one of the best videos I have ever seen. The voice acting was top notch, the animation was much better than Prowlies at the River and the ugly pokemon looked stunning. You have set the standard for Newgrounds submissions for years to come.


KittyKrew responds:

ye it took forever