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Reviews for "[KK] The Ugly Pokemon"


more kittyful genius!

KittyKrew responds:

thanks M8


so random it all makes sense! good job! how about a random yugioh parody next?

KittyKrew responds:


Vhrum Die Mowf Ov Dee ZirWolvay

I'm saying this Flash is good, I'm saying. Take mah vord vor it, I'm zaying!

KittyKrew responds:



i really don't like spam but, really? you did this? you have the power to make great (kind of) flash and your wasting it on spam really? i can't believe my owe eyesso because of this people are calling you bad words like : faggot n00b, and cat shit, they even made posts about you saying blam everything kitty-krew makes which i don't think so.

The way i see it is you have great flash skills but, i'm confused why you people make this? i really don't get it you think you would know after a while people hate your flash so here's some advice
1. try something new like comedy and parodys because this isn't it's spam so please PLEASE try something like that but, not spam please.

2. You have a whole dam crew so why don't you put them to work and make a movie that's not spam how about a REAL comedy-parody's they seem to make people very happy maybe because people like them

3. Dude see the reviews down there? there are only four (thank god) that the fact is there are only four see the first one he shot himself (fake) but, really if you listen to my advice maybe you can get hundred's of reviews not like that and people will like you i like you but, others not so much but, you could make a diffrent by doing something a newgrounder would like so i trust you to do something people like so i belieave in you you can do it! :)

KittyKrew responds:

It's fun man, thats what the KK is all about. Pluss, we made this,

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /504869

That's gota count for somthin

I approve of this

I concur. That was a very ugly Pokemon. The voice acting could have used some work though. It only shined in the word "Pokemon".

KittyKrew responds:

Sam is best