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Reviews for "pocket fighter nova 0.6"

Pretty Good!

Although I wish I could change the controls. It's hard with the controls you have set up.


its really awesome! The funny thing is that the special are sorta weirdO.o ex. ken put is foe into a soccer ball and then kicks it!

I agree with Fezzik

only for one thing though anyway online games usually get better ratings I mean you still have time to add it your only a little past 0.6


I love street fighter and this game was kick ass to the max. You should make another one


I'm a huge fan of pocket fighter (Super gem fighter in japan) So when i saw this i was coming in with a slight bias against it. I had played other flash versions of other SF games and none of them had really called out to me.

Then i played this and was blown away.
The simplified button setup makes it a breeze to play, even on a keyboard.
The simplified special moves makes the game feel more like MvC2, but it still doesn't lose a single nano of its original charm.
The graphics run incredibly smooth, and look very good and true to the original.
The Sound was just awesome, Sounded just like the original.
The combos, hit boxes, projectiles, All worked flawlessly, as if capcom itself had made this.

I am honestly impressed, and would like to see more of your work come to newgrounds.