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Reviews for "pocket fighter nova 0.6"

cool ;)

great game...

Just please add custom keys options and i'll be Happy :D

see ya!

kubioo responds:

I'll add the custom keys options in later version!
thank you!

Cool beans

Only 2 problems I had. There was no how to play feature. I just spammed random buttons. Lastly on easy mode the computer was using advanced combos. Hsein ko Hit up up against the wall 2 times then smashed me into ground and before I could recover used special attack that dropped all those balls. Otherwise it was a good five minutes waster :P

kubioo responds:

How to play would be found after you select the character and start to fight.
I'll show it in main menu in later versions.
I'll check the second problem and solve it.

Port, huh?

I can't remember Pocket Fighter that well, but it's pretty cool. What amazes me the most is that this game does not have such a noticeable lag on my computer. 31 FPS.

Other than that, I've had fun, but maybe you can amp up the damage a bit?

kubioo responds:

I'll improve the damage and fighting system in later version.

Pretty good port, but incomplete nonetheless

Seeing as it's missing 6 characters (those being Zangief, Felecia, Ibuki, Tessa, Dan and Akuma), high jumping (Down>>Up), unblockable flash attacks, a buttload of music tracks and then some, it just doesn't feel like Super Gem Fighter in all its awe and glory.

But still, the fighting system is pretty much there. (Although isn't Sakura's 3rd super supposed to be a grab-type attack?)

kubioo responds:

thanks for your professional comment !
I'll add more characters and more skills in later versions.