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Reviews for "pocket fighter nova 0.6"

This was fun!

Hsien-ko's Ramen combos were pretty cute! lol And this does take me back when Yahoo had a version of this game on their messenger.

Ah...thanks! :D

I like the 2 player function as it doesn't lag my computer or the gameplay. So that's a total plus for an ol' button masher like me. :)

I'd like to see someone come up with Killer Instinct version of Pocket Fighter...even though Pocket Fighter is licensed by Capcom...oh well, I can dream.

But other than that, I'd love to see more characters added.


kubioo responds:

new character felicia come soon!
thank you!

good game but

but you really should put how to do the combos down its says press z and it dose nothing for me even if i press the arrows o well brillant games still

kubioo responds:

P1 Control: WASD - move,jump,squat, J - punche, K - kick, L - special key
You can press e.g. jjjj, jkkk,jkjj to do the combos.


Man this flash brought back some awesome memories. While its not a PERFECT clone its a good one. Probobly best outside of MUGEN. Good job cant wait for the updates to come!

Thanks you for letting me use my chibi morrigan xD

kubioo responds:

new character felicia come soon!

It was fun.

A little less action than I expected though.

kubioo responds:

i'll improve the fighting system in later versions, thank you!

Very Nice.

I love this game on the ps1 and i love it still here. Very nice tribute to the old mini street fighter, the difficulty in this i found was perfect. though i had some trouble with the controls (mainly because i can only seem to press 2 buttons at the keyboard at once and it won't register anymore than that). Very fun and bring all the fun from the original (minus a few characters =D). Gj

kubioo responds:

Maybe you can try to press the key in regular sequence, not press them at once.