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Reviews for "James Crawler"


I love the 3d without a Z axis, reminds me of Doom. Pretty badass game, though accidentatly right clicking in the game freezes it. :/

I would like to see more games like this!


pretty good but sort of on the wierd side

'I am a cool man'

The game is good yeah, quite clunky and often hard to move, but the voice acting is terrible and the translation is worse! it didnt make sense, for example you kill and alien and he says 'that was a cute trick'


Reminds me a lot of Quake when it first came out.

Also, you might wanna redo the voice acting. The guy sounds like he just read lines aloud, and that it's boring as hell.

good game but falls short

It got really frustrating when I had the alien bodies and was out of ammo for everything trying to get the bomb while dying every 2 seconds from the aliens that shot lasers.