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Reviews for "James Crawler"

really good start to the game but when the aliens got lasers it became impossible they really need to be nerfed in some way they are way to lethal makes the game impossible to complete the voice acting was really bad but from what i did manage to play it was really good like the 3D effect has lots of potential but my biggest complaint is the laser aliens way to OP

'I am a cool man'

The game is good yeah, quite clunky and often hard to move, but the voice acting is terrible and the translation is worse! it didnt make sense, for example you kill and alien and he says 'that was a cute trick'


It's stuck on the ad for me. I can't play the game...

Good idea, some bad things.

Great Idea, the first person feel is nice. But the controls are off most of all in mouse mode, the voice acting sucks very very much needs much more emotion. and the hit detection seems quite a ways off. Fix these things and it will be an awesome game.


This is freakin awesome for a little online game :D