Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

Good job!

I can imagine this song in end credits for a movie or when a hero comes back from the dead. Yeah, I know, not very original thoughts on my part, but very good song from you.

...I have no complaints.

Evil-Dog responds:

if you're happy I'm happy :) thanks!


Simply amazing, it is a wonderful piece. It displays a sort of, multi-purpose quality. I can see it used for flash backs, for acts of heroism in final moments, and scenes of a lover's death. It is wonderful.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks dude :)


I just wrote a verse to this lol...

Evil-Dog responds:

haha rap or something? :D

Aural Bliss!

This is one of the best songs I have heard in a long while. Everything about this song screams professionalism and I can imagine this in a flashback scene from a top rate Hollywood production.

Keep up the great work Evil-Dog, I'm looking forward to hearing your next burst of inspiration!

Evil-Dog responds:

Aural bliss :P not quite but thanks haha nice compliments


I'm glad SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2 was made so I got to hear your music, it is awesome. Pretty standard but extremely beautiful chord progression with the piano and the nylon string guitar. Nice all around, I can't think of anything bad to say except it's short.

Evil-Dog responds:

a bit short eh? My inspiration don't last very long sadly! I can never compose 5-7 minutes pieces