Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

yah right!

yah right! <i look at the users who liked this part> aparently your all over the page, not to mention your music skillz [pimpin sweet btw] you need to start making albums man, you are just that good. i plan to start soon so i hope that someday i can measure up to your standings, cause your like elvis prestly [your a cool sensation, ayyyyyyy :P]

10/10 5/5 A+++

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I should do an album or something! maybe someday :)
haha elvis....


What else is there to say...? Heroic dude... Out off all the thousands of songs i've ever listened to, this is one of 2 songs (yours the best of 2) that made me really see the d*mn hero...

Evil-Dog responds:

Where is he? I can't see him! haha :P
whats the other dude?

Great Song

10/10 easy.

Evil Dog > Everyone else.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks! I'll have to disagree though, there are superior artists on NG :)


Evil dog, tell me how do you make your music so great.
This is so perfectly heroic. You can see the hero when you close your eyes.

Evil-Dog responds:

I don't know, I just fiddle around with instruments and melodies....eventually it all comes together when I'm lucky haha
I'm glad you saw the Fat Sweaty Lesbian Heroin when you closed your eyes haha I try not to close mine :P

Good job!

I can imagine this song in end credits for a movie or when a hero comes back from the dead. Yeah, I know, not very original thoughts on my part, but very good song from you.

...I have no complaints.

Evil-Dog responds:

if you're happy I'm happy :) thanks!