Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

always enjoyed your work

another great song that reminds me of something i've been working on
Great job!
i'll still be reved up for your next piece of music


Definitly reminds me of everyone that helped make this world better, for mankind, animals, and even villians. This song is just very relaxing and can definitly make you see inside yourself and see who you are a little more.

Another catchy song

Well, whaddya know: another song that I found enjoyable. :P

I liked this song in addition to that "Dreaming of Victory" song you did. This song would be perfect for an adventure that would take place in some dark or magical place, like some enchanted forest.

Anyway, 10/10.


Its almost feels like you had an idea for the song and used bits from every genre you had to to get it done, and no one could argue with the stunning results.
Beautiful work


Not perfect but damn close...
you really know where to place every little detail.
i recon you should go make music for fps games...
your style is so varied that at one point you could work on Half-life and then another COD4 or some other war based game
Fluffy the demented pancake =D