Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"




Everything about this track owns my ass! The piano, drums, sound effects, ambience, everything.
I love the industrial feel on the drums, echoed and reverbed. It all sounds really nice. Very crisp mastering!

I'm telling you, this could get you a job making music for movies. Yeah, one track a century.. doesn't matter. If it's this quality, you're set.

Awesome work, man :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha yeah I'm proud of the mastering on this one, I thought the sands of time sounded good, but I went another step ahead.
In the movie industry I would need a 20 years head start to make the soundtrack :P

Thanks a lot for the nice review buddy

yay you finally submitted it!

sounds better now - no crackling ^^ what would ya do without me marco :P

neways excellent song - but you already know that - good job!


Evil-Dog responds:

I would probably do just fine...err I mean I couldn't live without you! haha :P

Thanks for the review! You somehow triggered the will the make ambient music again in me. Thanks for being annoying about it :P

rawk on \m/

man, even all of your ambient songs rock, great paino, all the intstuments seemed to fall into place in this song also, it sounded really epic
keep em' comein

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice nice :) Too bad it's pretty short...inspiration ran dry hehe
I'll *try* to keep em coming!

Wow. cool.

It's nice to hear a new ambient piece from you. I don't think you've uploaded one in a couple of years and I like all your other ones. Anyways it sounds very good... Sounds like you're mixed in some real guitar in there too. It sounds too good to be a sample...

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it's true....almost 2 years....damn!
The guitar is not real though, just a very cool sounding guitar library :)
Thanks for the review!