Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

Simply beautiful

there is no reason that this song should not be rated 5/5. Its remarkable! Brilliantly ocmposed and *to me* flawless!! The only reason i gave is originality a 9 is becasue i thought i heard the "trance sparkle" pattern in the piano. All in all tho, Awesome work! 5/5 from me!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks :) nice comment! there's one flaw, not enough bass in it.

Shines Again!

I Used To Be A Top Reviewer For This Artist On An Old Account. A Great Fan Of His Work.. And Again, He Shines Above The Rest With This Latest Piece, "Memoirs Of A Hero".. Absolutely Stunning!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks dude :)

Man you are the best audio artist on newgrounds...

Everything you make sounds fucking great, how do you become a great ambient music creator, punk, metal, and even classical ( :D ) ? Please make another song like "Changes" though! Through all these great songs you have posted I think that Changes was by frar the greatest thing I have ever heard. Great Job again dude!

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm not the best, I guess I get good inspiration sometimes hehehe
thanks for the nice comment

Great Noble Song

As always, you have really good songs, this one is no exeption. This one has a great sound to it. The music is great and really can be used in a couple movies.

amazing stuff!!

i got to admit, ALL of your stuff is pretty insane..

but how come you havent uploaded any more music recently? i want to hear some new stuff!

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm kinda busy and mostly do music with/for my band now