Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Memoirs of a Hero"

"you do better heavy metal"

lol, that cracks me up.

onto the song
it finishes to early!!!

but otherwise its great
all the instruments or sounds in it sound really great! does chucks nation have a myspace or purevolume?

You Own

Your very good at making professinal sounding music !!

yeh cewl

The beginning sounds a bit like linkin park with fairy dust.
Its pretty gud, not my cuppa tea tho, but very original.

"excellent for flash!"

excellent job with this audio, needs a few stereo tweaks and the song will be better cause it's just a little scratchy to my ears. you really know how to combine your elements together together. keep up the good work evil-dog =)

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah, definitly, mastering and stereo pannning could be better! thanks for the input! :)


Pretty awesome, but you do better at heavy metal

Evil-Dog responds:

That's subjective :)