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Reviews for "Ace Invaders"

Nicely Done.

This game is surprisingly fun and well done.

The only thing I found frustrating were the ships that spammed boss attacks and accidentally picking up a weapon I didn't mean to and loosing because I try to compensate until I replace it, but that would be my fault and not yours.


The game is nicely done, even though the game its simple... I found some glitches, like there's no boundary line, and I only encounter only 3 boss only.. You should fix the weapons I've noticed that the weapons are only getting bigger and I think it didn't get stronger and the strongest of all the weapons is the Laser Lance..
@_@ I never thought I would be 1st place in Mochi Games for now.. (Sorry for the wrong grammar and the spelling I'm not good at it..)

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Glad you liked it. The weapons do actually get stronger, but so do the enemies, so it might be hard to notice.

and you died...

amazing :P


Very simple and fun game. It's also very easy... until the enemy starts shooting back. I liked it though! Good Job!


:D great game the losing screen made me laugh...