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Reviews for "Ace Invaders"


The graphics were pretty well done. The voiceover is awful though...I'm sorry. Maybe that was the intention, it sounds so much like the old Blades of Steal for NES. The upgrades were a little out of hand. The difficulty level also was very low. The first 5+ waves nothing was shooting at me and it was pretty boring. Even when the ships finally get weaponery it's nothing too interesting. I think it would be better served if the waves were seperated by levels and you could PURCHASE the upgrades rather than just aimlessly collect them. Have tokens instead of weapon upgrades to go along with the health and EXP drops. Also, the message that plays once you finally die needs to be spell-checked. The poor spelling thing is kind of outdated and wasn't really humourous if that was the intention.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

But then it would be the same as EVERYTHING ELSE. I'll take unique over perfect any day.

I actually agree with you on the difficulty, but I've been in a rush and it needs to be easy enough for everyone.

Pretty good

It's fun! However, there should probably be a pause feature. ANd a bit more control over your weapons might be nice.

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Right Click to pause. (I should mention that in-game I guess)