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Reviews for "Ace Invaders"


The game is nicely done, even though the game its simple... I found some glitches, like there's no boundary line, and I only encounter only 3 boss only.. You should fix the weapons I've noticed that the weapons are only getting bigger and I think it didn't get stronger and the strongest of all the weapons is the Laser Lance..
@_@ I never thought I would be 1st place in Mochi Games for now.. (Sorry for the wrong grammar and the spelling I'm not good at it..)

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Glad you liked it. The weapons do actually get stronger, but so do the enemies, so it might be hard to notice.

Nicely Done.

This game is surprisingly fun and well done.

The only thing I found frustrating were the ships that spammed boss attacks and accidentally picking up a weapon I didn't mean to and loosing because I try to compensate until I replace it, but that would be my fault and not yours.


Wow I`m second on the rankin (for now). It makes me happy @_@ Anyway, the game was pretty nice... I was gettin all the power ups so sometimes I`d end dual Missile which made everything really hard to hit and kill. But it`s very interesting! Gj!

Great again!!!

Now it seems that you made a homage to Aleste/Power Strike/Zanac!!!
The game just plays and feels great, well chosen music loop and... You've put voices for the power-ups!!! That's the true arcade spirit!!!
I know I will play A LOT this game.
And don't you go thinking I've forgotten GunGurl. No sir!
(I'm still thinking of a possible GunGal HD...)

AcetheSuperVillain responds:

Thanks, man. I'll have to try hard to keep ahead of your high score this time!

love these kind of games

simple interface, nice upgrades, would be nice if xp was easier to collect. sucks if you have to off a boss to the side