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Reviews for "Ace Invaders"


except the ending...
"and you dead!"


it was a decent game overall
liked the idea of having to rely on powerups and getting frustrated about accidentally getting the wrong powerup
could be better with some better graphics(all ships seems...uninspired) and less voice acting(made the game look very amateurish)

Solid, needs some improvements

I liked the idea of having different powerups all at once, but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't do much with my primary gun. I almost expected to be able to fly directly into a powerup and have it change my center gun, but if I did, it seemed to arbitrarily choose which side it should show up on.

I think that the powerups are really the strongest part of this game--aside from that, it's nothing more than a mindless vertical shooter. If you can improve on the powerup system, come up with a backstory, and maybe tweak the graphics a bit, you could have something excellent. I think the difficulty was appropriate; the learning curve might have went up a bit quickly once the regular enemies started firing the circular shots. Sound was what I expected. Overall, a solid effort that you could build a damn fine game off of.

below average

First thing, fix the volume on the "Ace Invanders" sound which comes right at the start. My sounds weren't even loud and I almost jumped off my chair when that poor quality and loud sound came up (HEADS UP FOR ANYONE READING THIS WHILE LOADING).

Second thing, the game feels like it starts from middle of the game. I'm right away facing many enemies and getting a lot fo different upgrades. I didn't even get the chance to properly see what I was getting, I just had like 4 different weapons shooting off in the first 10 seconds of the game.

Third thing, the enemies aren't shooting back. They are really easy to kill, so while I did feel for a while that I was thrown into some kind of chaos, the feeling quickly passed as I noticed the game was really easy. And it continues to be so easy. I played a bit further than the first boss, and then stopped because the game felt really boring. There was pretty much no challenge.

I think you tried to get us right into the action and didn't want us to have a boring moment, but by giving us ton of weapon upgrades right away and making the enemies floating paper bags, you actually managed to make the game really dull. I'm not a fan of the graphics either, they feel bit amateurish.

and you died...

amazing :P