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Reviews for "Lil Red from da Hood"


Hilarious... well implemented and a unique idea... I liked it.


You definitely have something promising here. Artistically, it's fairly basic, but memorable. You mix and balance things up just enough to where neither the urban attitude nor the fairy tale itself dominate this interactive flash. Speaking of interactive, the little bits here and here provide some laughs.

If you're wanting to improve on this, I'd start out by adding some voicework. A text driven story is okay for this movie, and the sound effects partially make up for it. I can't really gripe about the interactive areas, but as Redwaller below noted, the 'Get to Grandma's' minigame feels like a last minute tacked on addition.

I'll look into some of your other works. Keep up the good work.

Pretty decent...

I liked your sense of humor, and your take on the Little Red Riding Hood. The different choices and their outcomes were a nice feature, and some of the little added touches make this animation memorable. The sound effects also do well to enhance to game. There are a couple improvements you could make, however.

You could improve some of the character animations by making them more fluid. This particularly applies to the walking animation of Lil' Red in some places.

Some sections of the game are inconsistently colored, which is somewhat distracting, if not unprofessional. This includes the couple panels in the intro sequence that are completely uncolored.

The "get-to-granny's" mini game feels tacked on, and is out of sync with the rest of the game. You could have honed a more button-timed/button-mash based mini game, and placed it in that section instead.

All in all, it was quite entertaining. Keep it up.