Reviews for "GamePops Sega Generation"


ok...so i'm playing this game and thinking this is a very unique flash game so 5/5 for you
P.S. i got to number 33 and typed the answer but it said it wasn't complete, is there something after the title?

kleber responds:

Thank you for your 5! I'm really glad and pleased with this!
33: Try to google it! The complete name of the game contains "ancient something" :)
Thanks for play! I hope you enjoy the next games too!

Several of these songs

were very nostalgic for me, such as 1 (obviously), 14, 23, 28, 52, and 61. Interestingly, I only know these (save for #1) from remakes (in #23's case) and compilations for other systems and even from those plug-in "systems"! For the ones I didn't know, some hints were helpful enough for me to recognize the games immediately (like in 9, 10, 18, 22, 32, 36, 39, 40). For others, I just searched key words from the hints, along with "sega", on Wikipedia. I'm still having trouble with 4, 30, 44, 46, 49, 54, and 62. I've noticed that you've been giving hints for other reviewers, so, to quote Sonic (in the early cartoons), "I'm waiting!"

kleber responds:

hahaha! That Sonic cartoon was hilarious!

Ok, hints for you:
4: the main character is a earthworm!
30: this Master System game was released in Brazil as "Mônica no castelo do dragão"
44: a first person shooter with cops for saturn and arcades
46: the first "survival horror" game
49: i really have no extra hints for this game... well.. let's see... the main character has no name and his master is Mordamir
54: a side scroller game where you have four weapons to choose from, and they can be combined in various pairs to create a total of 14 unique weapons
62: the japanese original game name is "Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daib%u014Dken"

Sure is a lot of hints! I hope I helped you!
Thanks for play!

This is Awesome

I like did this game with the sega games and stuff

but I can't find 13, 40, and 53 can you give me some hints plz

kleber responds:

Hi jetman (nice nick, btw)!

Hints for you:
13: it's a cowboy game, they "ride to the sunset"
40: a game you ride on your ferrari with a blonde at your side (a tip: google it :)
53: colorful platform game featuring the 7-up mascot in the hero position (google it again)

Thanks for play, dude!

cool game

amazing game but music number 36 make me sad and crying

kleber responds:

True... the music is very sad really (some tears came to my eyes too hahah). This game soudtrack is awesome! I recommend it. (note: not all musics will make you cry)

I always did love sega games.

kleber responds:

Me too. I just miss the time I arrive in my home after school to play Alex Kidd and Sonic... good times hahaha