Reviews for "GamePops Sega Generation"


Even though I am more of a Nintendo than Sega person, I really enjoyed this game and, thanks to the tips, I was able to guess 8 or so games. The concept, although not original, seemed fresh and the design is simple but really good. I hope you will make more of these.
Oh, and one thing that bothered me. The hints are to tiny to read, so make them a little bit bigger next time.

10/10 5/5

kleber responds:

Thank you for the good review :) More games are planned. One for each console. Just wait a while. The next (for Nintendo consoles) is in progress :). The problem about the tip font size is that the game was resized to the maximum size allowed on newgrounds. The original size is 620x900. But I get your suggestion! The next one will have bigger fonts on tips! Thanks for play and for the suggestion!

Is it sad I could only guess 2?

Cause I've never played almost any of the Sega games except Sonic and that was YEARS ago. nice game though make one for the other consoles lol.

kleber responds:

Thank you! It was planned to make one game for each console. Just started with Sega for some random reason :) - Thanks for play! Wait for next versions!

It's a good concept, BUT....

What about all the people who NEVER PLAYED a Sega system? I unfortuately fall into that category. I mean, I was lucky to have a Nintendo growing up, much less several different types of consoles at one time.

Next time, try making one for all consoles. to see who the most hardcore gamer is out there, and put a timer on it so they can submit how fast they got them all right. For bragging rights only of course!!!!!

kleber responds:

Well, it was the initial idea, make a game with all consoles. But there was so many games that I had to make one game for each console. Well, will you be glad if I tell you that the next version (that is currently in progress) is for Nintendo consoles? - Thanks for play, and I hope you enjoy the next versions!

good god o_O

so many of this songs i reconise but just cant for the life of me place the game's name to them

kleber responds:

Hi! Try to hold CTRL while a card is focused! You will see a tip. Maybe it can help you :) - Thanks for play!


I was really thinking it will turn out as a fail, but even I who has never played Genesis and any of the other consoles found this game cool, and could even guess a few of them.
Just wish someone would do a game of the same kind with the newer games so "new school" people like myself could guess a bit more aswell. :)

kleber responds:

Thank you! I'm glad that is not a fail! ^^
Well, for the "new school" gamers, wait a while, I'm planning to make a game for each great company: Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Maybe you like the next ones :).
Thanks for play!