Reviews for "GamePops Sega Generation"

Ah, I hate/love you!

I can't stop until I guessed all titles. This nostalgic feeling everytime the correct title shoots through your head with images of the game itself playing in my mind, awesome! The presentation is well done and the sound quality is superb. The font size for the hints could be a bit bigger, I have to scale up the browser to read some, but thats not really a problem. Also the longer titles could be a bit more forgiving, finding the exact syntax can sometimes be quite some trial and error. Anyway, thank you for this great game!

I am still missing two titles. 37 shall be a snooker game, but not those that come to my mind also the music distracts me because I have to think of Leisure Suite Larry Games. And with 47 the Idea just won't stike me.

kleber responds:

Thank you Wyvenn for the good review! I will annotate your suggestions :) This nostalgic feeling is the feeling that I want all players feel! It's the goal of my game :)
About the font size, it's because the game was resized to be published here in Newgrounds. The original size is 620x900.
About the games you are missing, here is a tip for each one: 37 have a "pocket" in its name and 47 is a great 2D hack and slash game for saturn, with 5 "heroes": Samuel Han (knight), Randy M. Green (sorcerer), Ginjirou Ibushi (monk), Nicole Neil (healer) and Nicole Neil (paladin). I hope I helped you. Thanks for play!

I dig it.

The choices were pretty cool. I really dig the Sonic animation changing as you progress and the overall presentation was really good. I was thrown off a bit by the song on Crazy Taxi since it was a song from the Windows version soundtrack. A couple of the hints were a bit vague(#50 in particular) and I would have liked to see some other Sega developed titles in there, but overall it was a fun game.

kleber responds:

Thanks! Some people didn't see the Sonic progress animation :)
Well, there was a lot of another Sega console games that should be on GamePops, but I had to chose only 64. I searched for the most popular ones, not only on internet, but with "real" people too. With my friends, work colleagues and other game developers :). Sorry about the Crazy Taxi music. I never played this game. And about the vague tips, it was for the easiest games, but I could be wrong on the level of some games :). Thanks for play the game!

Neat game

OMG, I loved playing Comix Zone when I was a kid! Really good game for oldschool retro gammers. Wish I would have been able to figure out more! Still good.

kleber responds:

I don't played Comix Zone on my childhood. Never had a Genesis. Played a few months ago. It's a awesome game, indeed. I wonder if there is another game like this. I hope it has :) Thanks for play GamePops!

It was fun

but i have never owned a Sega ;}
would be fun if you did a similar game with nintendo tunes like castlevania and zelda and such.
not too hard though!
keep on the good work!

kleber responds:

I couldn't agree more with you! I must make a game with Nintendo consoles! Oh! What we have here? It is already being made! Lucky! Thank you for play the game! And wait a while, a new version is in progress!


You did an awesome job. It was very difficult, but luckily I had one when I was a kid. Had to have my sister's help, though.
"A fish and a secret agent" was right on the tip of my tongue, but I still couldn't get it. And that was the only one.
This is a great game. Brings back some awesome memories.

kleber responds:

Thank you! About the "secret fish agent", try something like "pond" instead of the last name of some most-famous-hollywood-secret-agent-ev er :) Thanks for play! (thank your sister too :)