Reviews for "GamePops Sega Generation"

This is rough

I got all but numbers 12, 14, 37, and 50 and its driving me bloody insane. if someone would please pm me some additional hints to help my memory more I'd appreciate it.

kleber responds:

Hi! You almost finish the game!
Well, I will give you a hint for each one:
12: it's a "rally" game from "sega" :)
14: the name of the game is about a animal that can change its color
37: the name contains "pocket"
50: a tetris-like game, but with "jewels" where you make "columns" with it.
I hope I helped you!
Thanks for play!


ok...so i'm playing this game and thinking this is a very unique flash game so 5/5 for you
P.S. i got to number 33 and typed the answer but it said it wasn't complete, is there something after the title?

kleber responds:

Thank you for your 5! I'm really glad and pleased with this!
33: Try to google it! The complete name of the game contains "ancient something" :)
Thanks for play! I hope you enjoy the next games too!

I really enjoyed it

Neat concept, lots of fun (for me at least) The help text is a tad small though and some of the game titles..I dunno. Like I know Shining Force 2 when I hear it but it wont accept the title, it just sits at blue. Same for some games Like Lunar, or Flashback, which wont even go after I add the subtitles. I think in the future maybe you could be a little more forgiving with that.

kleber responds:

Hi! Thanks for your feedback:)
About the font size, it's because the game was resized to be published here in Newgrounds. The original size is 620x900.
About the game names, because of the tips, I needed to make the game harder. Try to google the names that you don't know completly.
Thanks for play!

i reconise so many of the songs but i dont know

the name i reconise sonic of course the vikingey one crazy taxi and a few more but some of them i just dont rember the name

kleber responds:

Keep trying! Did you already hold CTRL to see the tips? Maybe it can halp you :) Thanks for play!

Sounds great

This was fun. It made me think about a lot of different Sega games from my childhood. I think I topped out at 45 correct before giving up on the 19 I couldn't get. Keep up the great work.

kleber responds:

Hi, scypha! 19 is a famous genesis hack and slash game with 3 characters: Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gillius Thunderhead (don't forget: it's the second version of the game). I hope I helped you. Thanks for play!