Reviews for "Dear Mario"

dat song dat just got favorited

headphoamz responds:


5s for you <3
this is so cute
love this audio for Mario<3
this is enjoyable
keep it up

headphoamz responds:

Thanks Food :D

Dayum, heaven must have lost an angel!
That voice!

headphoamz responds:


hey, can I marry you?

headphoamz responds:

I'm not sure, how do you feel about spelunking for cats smothered in mayonnaise?

Well, there goes my manliness. Right into the lava over there. Now I have an NG crush; your stuff is either hilarious or well done! Follow/Favorite this nut!

Lastly, suggesting this song for the drinkytalkythingy podcast. It will likely be up by the end of this week. Find it at 8bitalliance.com.

Cheers and keep up the great work!

headphoamz responds:

Oh wow, sweet! ^____^ Thanks very much, I'm excited! Cool website too, btw. :D