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Reviews for "Chromatic"

Excellent game.

The Good:
+Very unique color-based gameplay.
+Switching between colors had a significant impact on gameplay (abilities, etc.)
+Many game options for modifying settings and controls.
+Level editor and ability to play custom levels is a great addition.
+Well-done animation, music, and sounds.

The Bad:
-No penalty for dying.
-Dated graphics.
-Schizophrenic difficulty and learning curve.

*Point out more of the game's features in the help screen.
*Enable global leaderboards for level completion.
*A few more tunes wouldn't hurt.

An expertly-crafted game here, guys. It isn't everyday that a platformer this original and extensive comes along the Portal, but this isn't your ordinary platformer either. It has a good deal of original game mechanics and level design, although I would have to say that the level building/sharing ability is the icing on this cake. All the extra trials and modes definitely lengthen the longevity of this game, though I think some online leaderboards would be nice too, to see where I would stand in the world on finishing a level. My only real beef with Chromatic is that it doesn't explain everything to you right away, but aside from that, is a great game.

[3/5] + Favorited