Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"

say whaaat!?


Fro responds:


Excellent game series :D

I admire these crazy movies and reaction after clicking somewhere. Especially the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii game and box scene ... funny as hell :D
Just hinting for the last medals. :)

Better than the first and more interaction. I forgot about that "left" error, it's not meaningless for the rating ... Excellent: I hope to see more in future.

Fro responds:

Hopefully we will fix all of the errors some day in the future.

Great game

Again a very nice submission. I don't get why it didn't do so great like the prequel to this game. Well, at least you've won UOTW, so congrats for that.

The video sequences are again very nice and quite funny (especially the sequence where we have to guide Fro and Nick through the corridor). I also liked you included the stuff we picked up in the first game into this game as well.

It would be nice if you could change the last "press up key" to "press left key" though. I got it wrong the first time even though I read the author comments before I played the game... -.-

I hope we can see a sequel to this series some time in the future. :)

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Fro responds:

Yeah, like I said down below, even if we do change it then it takes months for admins to approve it. :P

A sequel will be in hand here sometime this summer.


good game

Fro responds:


Blew my mind

That was hilarious. I especially liked the song (the original gets so annoying. They should replace it with your version :P) and the jumping over (or walking behind XD) fire live-action part. And you can never go wrong with songs from awesome games. This is better than the first, imo. Can't wait for the next one!

Fro responds:

Some people say this is better and some say the first is better. That's why we are going to have to take the best elements out of both the first and the 2nd along with some new for the third.