Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


When I first played this I was like "WTF is this crap that took me a while to load that I'm playing now?". IDK why but I kept on playing anyways. I'm glad I did XD

It was so stupid that... I mean... wow, IDK how to describe it. It's so stupid that it was funny :P.

BTW I'm guessing one of the secret medals is getting perfect in the gay @$$ guitar hero thingy... yeah. If so, then you should make it so we can see if we got it or not (for example, a "hit" or "miss" message).

Unfortunately I haven't played the first one before I played this one so I'm off to go play that one now and review it later :D.

Fro responds:

That's not one of the secret medals.

Even though I can now hit each of them.

And you can tell if you missed. If you missed it'll be a picture of Fro cutting his wrist with a knife and Nick being sad.

i love you

your fucking delicious

Fro responds:

Yum Yum


this game was so stupid that it was fuckin awesome! i love this game.... its... inbetween disturbing and funny as hell i like this game who's with me!?

Fro responds:

Check out the first one if you haven't!


HINT: The final battle!

Just be observant! hehe... ^^

Fro responds:

You're nasty

those two guys are awesome!

thanks for this wonderful game!

Fro responds:

Thank you for playing