Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"

fun game

fun game and also good that you respond to every review its good that programmers show interest

Fro responds:

I'm not the programmer, but I do respond to every review. :)


This is epic... and almost as hot as ur dic XD

Fro responds:



Two guys gonna be crazy...

Fro responds:

sure is


dont know what the hell is going on. ever seen Bloodwings Pumpkinheads Revenge? this game is almost as confusing and unenjoyable as that game.

Fro responds:

Usually when you play a number 2 before a number one it's your own fault for not knowing what's going on.


it wont let me play i click on skip ad and it clicks the ad :(

Fro responds:

Then don't skip?

If you can't not skip because your too stubborn and/or stupid then click the right spot. It works fine with me.

By the way, you reviewed the submission when there was a problem on your side. Pretty dumb am I right?