Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"

Very entertaining!

I like the style of these games; it's like the interactive movie/games Space Ace and Dragon's Lair...but with more awesome. -1 star for not being able to make you or Nick wet in this one, though. :(

By the way, what's with the mini-fridge? Did that originally have an ingredient for the remote control? Or is it just there to show that you really do love pickles?

Fro responds:

There was going to be an easter egg there but we forgot. :(


pyroscape 2 YAY

Fro responds:

yay some day we'll have 3


You got red padded with your Rock Band set too. Mine is currently held down with duct tape.

Anyway, the game is great, and I loved the intro! Ha ha

Fro responds:

Ha yeah. We ended up just getting a new pad, but it seems to break very often and easily.


i rofled at the half life 2 remix

Fro responds:

Yeah, I liked it as well.


But what about all them fires we ran past, we only killed the big one. Where's the car/plane?

Fro responds:

Their will be a number 3.