Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


This was amazingly funny and fun! But I agree with AstralBlades. You should be able to wet yourself ^_^

Fro responds:

You get wet in number one what more do you guys want?!?!?! Maybe we'll have to revisit getting wet in number 3.


This two guys rocks !! WOW AGAIN!

Fro responds:

yes they do, wish I knew who they were

omg nice!

i can play ths for hours!

Fro responds:

And it only takes 2 minutes to beat. You'll play this 30 times in an hour. See if you can beat it 30 times in an hour. :P


f**kin funny!xD
this game is epic!

Fro responds:


Best. Game. Ever.

This game is so awesome, it includes an original soundtrack!
Ima download it and play it in my car :D

Fro responds:

I want that song to be so big I get in trouble with copyright laws.