Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


When I turn on the Xbox 360 to use the rock band drums, I can't back out of the screen. I'M STUCK LOOKING AT A TV, DRAWER & XBOX 360! :(

Fro responds:

Have you tried looking in the drawer. The answer to that is no so I don't know why I'm asking.

Not Bad

If anything, this one and Pyroscape were the same except I didn't need to frantically hit Tab & Space just to complete the final part like I had too in the first one.

The funniest parts though are the X-Box Game (Sick and twisted as it may be) and the comment you hear when you click on the Bed.


Fro responds:

Thanks, the 3rd one will be much cleaner though so there won't be those sick and twisted jokes. :P


@floatingkid HE MESSED UP ITS LEFT

Fro responds:

Yeah, thanks!

lol i have the same light jacket as you!

lol see that stripped light jacked on the bed? i have that EXACT SAME ONE!! awesome game XD

Fro responds:

You have the same jacket as Nick's. We planned that because we knew you would play.

Is there a particular reason why

I can't get past jumping over the couch fire? Ive pressed the correspoinding button like 30 times there, and it kills me every time.

Fro responds:

It's because you're too much of an idiot to read the first thing in the author comments you tard.