Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"

Laggy but fun.

Well although it was a bit laggy, it is really original, and I loved the concept.

Fro responds:

lag huh?

didn't expect this lol..

waaauw you 2 sure are some fruity loops hahaha. I mean these things i did when i was a kid or something. Now i want to sing the inmagination song..
It was funny how the second guy sorta took the easy way during the escape. And u forgot some happy items. I think i saw some happy lotion under the bed and some happy weed in the basket. Very creative tho.

Fro responds:

happy sauce


I can tell you guys had some fun making this, and you did a pretty damn good job with it. The game is definitely worth playing through a few times.

Fro responds:


like the first game...

the medals are only in-game? its to short, need more challenges and hitting a giant flame with bare hands? you cant pick up something special to deffend yourself in the battle like, um, i dont know, maybe water bottles filled with water of course, or some fire profe gloves?

Fro responds:

I can't speak your language, but again, the medals are on your page so what the hell are you talking about child?

The Xbox

the xbox freezes the game like wtf

Fro responds:

It won't let you back out of that screen unless you open the drawer and get the item out of the drawer. A hint, you need gloves to get the item out because it's too crusty!