Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"

I hope it isn't the end.

This was pretty funny. It was actually harder than the first one, and it was funnier as well. Please make a third. Also, the sixth medal is after the box scene.

Fro responds:

The third will probably be out in a few months to half a year. :) It should also be the last one in the series though.

good game

great but he should say when you click the closet "why the fuck do you want the closet door ... AGAIN"

Fro responds:

Yes, I should have.

Great Sequel

-I thought it was much better than the first even though it was shorter and not as drawn out. The room was a bit more difficult the first time around though. For some reason it was hard for me to grasp the concept of opening things. Once I finally found everything and put them in the magical microwave, which was about three minutes, it was a bit easier to advance in the room.

-The rock band part was by far my favorite. Quite an inventive version of the song that is now stuck in my head from several playthroughs. I didn't have the issue that Chris-Marks was having. I just kept going through the game over and over. That way I could use all of the options from the choice parts to see what they did.

-I advanced through the fire obstacle course very easily with the help of your hint at the top. The box scene was pretty funny also I might add. What did you use to move it? That followed by the epic boss battle. It didn't matter if I pressed attack or do nothing though. It did the same things thing for both when I was expecting some wierd outcome from doing nothing.

-Overall it's a fun little game with tons of laughs that I enjoyed playing. It's a little buggy but nothing that isn't easily fixable. It should of definitely scored higher for an award.

-Review Request Club

Fro responds:

We were in the box silly. :P

Yeah, a little buggy. We'll fix them eventually. Thanks!


Funny, better than the first.
Can you say a hint for the 5th medal XD? I've take them all, with exception of that (^_^)

Fro responds:

the fifth or the sixth? I won't help you with the fifth because it's easy, but the 6th one can be very hard to find. The 5th is in the first half of the game and the 6th is in the second half.

Bug Report!

Can't play Rock Band the second time around. TV does nothing when clicking it with the remote.

Fro responds:

Yeah, thanks chris. Bad news is I don't have the .fla and the programmer is out of town.