Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


That was stupid... but in the fun, cheesy, "B" movie sort of way. I loved it! "Happy Tissue"... LMAO.

"Somebody set us up the bomb!!!" - Zero Wing

clean yo dirty ass room

Fro responds:

uh huh

messy dorm room

Nice dorm room. So which one are you in alpha, beta, gamma, or kai! And those letters represent what "2 A O". What that mean in english.

Fro responds:

Don't know, that was my roommate's side of the room.

The 2nd secret medal

Click Nick's butt in the batlle scene(Nick is the one with blonde hair and on right of screen during fight)to get Mr. Observant(i heard ppl needed help getting it so here ya go).

Fro responds:

You pervert