Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


I didnt think that you could outdo Pyroscape 1, but you DID!!!! lol it's all funny.

Fro responds:

Hopefully the next one will outdo the both of them! Thank you for the support.

I have no idea what to do...

I've clicked everything and I can't progress at all.

Fro responds:

You didn't get everything obviously. Check underneath where you have gotten the box and listen for the hints in the room.

Don't lower my review score because you suck at the game.

So awesome

Even better than the first. I found it much funnier this time. Keep it up, I'm waiting for Pyroscape 3 now. :P

But how did your carplane crash... in your room?

Fro responds:

Autopilot home I think

yay time killer

found all acheivments
BTW Mr observant
wtf lor clicking ass

Fro responds:

Please don't say how to get the secrets. Also, wtf were you clicking there for?

Crazy game

hey guys i liked the game but what its 6 medal?

Fro responds:

If you can't see the medals than make sure to go to your account via the My Account page and select the new layout in the options.

You should get most of them just naturally playing through the game.