Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


haha very funny !!!!

Fro responds:

I'm very happy you think so

Pyrotastic to!!!

Funny as hell, man. Shorter than the first, but still just as fun.

I thought the last arrow sequence was intentional, but thanks for admitting it was just a SCREW UP on your part. :p

Fro responds:

We all mess up some time I guess. This one has a lot of mess ups.


this is funny

Fro responds:

lol, thanks SUPERF


this is still a good game

Fro responds:

Thank you for playing


The only thing this has going for it is it's medals.

This barely qualifies as a game -- it's just a poor idea masked in sexual and poor humor to compensate for lack of any real creativity.

Fro responds: