Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"

Great game!

I have played your games since the one with the aliens and the cookies, great game by the way. Also the humour and gameplay is simple and fun, and have been improved from the previous game, while still keeping the same style. I love the whole idea with the happy tissues and such, lol, appearently your underwear contain the secret igredient on how to make a remote. The rock band game was a little bit un responsive, but the hilarious music made up for it. Keep the great work up. PS how do I get the last of the secret medals, not the masochist one.

Fro responds:

It's in the second half of the game it's like clicking an easter egg.


That's some funny stuff! You'll have to make another one.

Fro responds:

I'll try to make one more. Thanks.

I liked da music :3

what was the name of the music(the real one) that you guys sang in rawkband i heard it b4 but 4got D:

Fro responds:

Hey Soul Sister I think

Funny, creative, awesome!

This game is really funny, not by just have some guys acting like idiots at some times, with all respect, while you can have laughing with the ways to win the game, like to some people, can be challenging escape the room, then, trying several times and meeting the way, you really have fun with the game. The acting is really funny and by the way I found this one, very better from the first one, also by his medals that are more easier to gain, the programming is absolutely excellent, I think you should fix the coding in the arrow in the table where you up the tv, that doesn't work. But in the same way, this don't make the game to be a trash, is really funny, playable and good.

I give you 5/5 and 10 score.

Fro responds:


Freaking kick-ass!

"This is where I sleep!"
"...This is where I watch you sleep....!"

Haha I effing love you guys so hard.
...Haha take that any way you'd like.

Fro responds:

Trust me, it's people that show love for us in the way that you do that keeps us creating more things.

People like you guys are just as much cause for these submissions as we are for making them.