Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


great game youve got here :-)

Fro responds:

Thanks scooter

Awesomeness, again. :D

I kind of preferred the first game, but this was still a great ride. Congrats on Underdog of the week, again. Keep up the awesome work!

Fro responds:

Thanks, we'll go back to some older things from number 1 and a mix of some newer things for the next one.

Great game

Again a very nice submission. I don't get why it didn't do so great like the prequel to this game. Well, at least you've won UOTW, so congrats for that.

The video sequences are again very nice and quite funny (especially the sequence where we have to guide Fro and Nick through the corridor). I also liked you included the stuff we picked up in the first game into this game as well.

It would be nice if you could change the last "press up key" to "press left key" though. I got it wrong the first time even though I read the author comments before I played the game... -.-

I hope we can see a sequel to this series some time in the future. :)

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:

Yeah, like I said down below, even if we do change it then it takes months for admins to approve it. :P

A sequel will be in hand here sometime this summer.

An enjoyable romp

Well, this certainly does lead off where Pyroscape finishes. I think that the way that the two plots meshed together were pretty good, in spite of the fact that you're now in a different building, but all of the furniture is the same. Perhaps you needed to find a friend's room and grab some photos of it, before letting them get back to sleep.

With the way that the playability of the game works, it is pretty good, though you could change the instruction for part 4 of the sequence to "Press Left" to deal with the programming issue, for example.

I think that there is certainly room for improvement in the Final Fantasy style battle scene, with the way that the fire does nothing to you and it's a pretty linear way to get the medals, the only real enjoyment on that scale is getting the secret medals, one of which I still haven't discovered... yet.

[Review Request Club]

Fro responds:

Yeah, even if we fix the errors it takes months at a time for an admin to accept them. We actually fixed things in Pyroscape 1 a long time ago, but yet no change has occurred.

Anyway, all of those things that you are talking about I told Mono to do. He was just lazy about it and half-assed it. ;)

Last medal is around the boss fight though so try it again. You'll find it I'm sure.


While not exactly my type of humor, I still found this pretty funny. The way the game was made was really quite refreshing. Plus it didn't hurt that the dude with the goatee was a cutie. Just sayin.

Fro responds:

Thank you. I'm honored that I'm cute to a homosexual male.