Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"



Fro responds:



I liked it somehow... but part 1 was better.

Also what do letters "PLF" on your wall stand for? (the russian ones)

Fro responds:

I can't answer your question simply because there are no russian letters in that room. If you are talking about the greek letters on the wall then you can figure that out yourself.

The first was way better =(

Sadly, I find this one not as good as the first one. The humor was more predictable, and there were less fun minigames then in the previous Pyroscape.
THAT'S why you need to make a TRILOGY!!! =)

Fro responds:

We'll make a third. We thought the song would make this one.

A great underdog!

This has everything that is necessary to win Underdog Of The Week Award and you deserved it! I do not think this was as good as the first one probably only because it was a little harder. It is pretty funny to just run around and hear hte comments these morons make. The game pretty much plays itself by just walking around and clicking everything in sight. The funniest comment is probably about the fire and the d*ck. The cutscenes were pretty cool and it is nice to see live-action stuff for a change.

Fro responds:

Hey sir. I may be a moron, but one thing that I am not sir, is a morn.


good game

Fro responds: